Your Heart and Ayurvedic Herbs

Take Good Care of your Heart by Using Ayurvedic Herbs

By Shankar.

Your cardiovascular system is the most vital system in our body and as such, any disease related to it is life-threatening. The best of the best remedy is to prevent it from happening. Poor lifestyle is the major cause for all heart-related problems. You should take care of your heart by leading a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately this is something most of us can do and for many of us we should be doing some of these things anyway.

  • Have a well balanced diet
  • Avoid fatty and fried foods
  • Have a brisk walk for about 30 minutes to one hour
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Have a moderate amount of nuts like cashew, almonds, and walnuts
  • Include garlic and onions in your daily food preparation

There are some Ayurvedic herbs that can take care of your heart problems. Regular use of these natural herbs can decrease the cardiovascular diseases and increase the quality of your heart and your life.

Terminalia Arjuna: It is used as cardio tonic. It provides nutrition to the cardio muscles and strengthens them. It reduces the abnormal rhythm of heart. It also reduces the chances of blood clotting.

Ashwagandha: This is a rejuvenating herb for overall health. It enhances vitality and longevity. It is traditionally used for calming the mind and giving strength to the body. It is beneficial for the people who do more physical work. This herb helps them to relax from physical stress. It gives physical energy, especially for the heart.

Garlic: This is a natural medicine for reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Garlic takes good care of your heart, if eaten regularly.

Hawthorn berries: It is considered as one of the most effective herbal heart tonics. Studies have proved hawthorn’s benefits for the cardiovascular system. It also helps in reducing high blood pressure.

Valerian root: It is considered as herbal sedative for treating insomnia, stress, anxiety, and tension. It is a tonic that is effective for the heart. It is also used in combination with hawthorn.

Guduchi: Ayurveda recognizes this herb as a cardiac tonic. It helps in strengthening the heart. It purifies blood and expels the toxins.

Brahmi: Ayurveda has been using this herb for several years for treating nervous disorders and many other ailments. This is used as the main Ayurvedic nerve and cardiac tonic.

Celery seeds: It relaxes the blood vessels and allows free flow of blood. It normalizes the rhythm of the heart. It is used as a cardiovascular tonic.

You can use these Ayurvedic herbs along with the medicines you take for reducing cholesterol and other cardiovascular system problems. However, it would be better if you consult an Ayurvedic practitioner, to find out the exact doses of any of these natural medicines to be used.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Natural Ayurvedic Way

By Shankar.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the gastrointestinal problem suffered by several people. The symptoms are constant constipation, diarrhea, acidity, flatulence, bloating, and improper expelling of the bowel. Intake of spicy food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and certain drugs can aggravate the digestive problems.

The exact cause for irritable bowel syndrome is yet unknown. However, poor lifestyle and improper diet can bring this digestive disorder. Ayurveda believes that any kind of ailment is triggered due to improper digestion. Stressed life can be another major reason for causing irritable bowel syndrome.

Ayurveda recommends in changing the diet and lifestyle to treat digestion problems. Ayurveda treatment starts by eliminating the toxins from the body and maintaining proper digestion. It helps in strengthening the immunity system. Ayurveda therapy is used on patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Also there are several natural remedies that help in treating this digestive disorder.

Psyllium: This is fibrous which is essential for having proper digestive system. It helps in giving relief from constipation, diarrhea, intestinal problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

Bromelain: It is useful in treating inflammation of the intestines. It acts as digestive enzyme. When this is taken after each meal, it helps in having proper digestion.

Shatavari: This herb is useful in improving the digestive system. It is an effective medicine for treating stomach acid and ulcers. It gives relief from the digestive problems like bloating, reflux, and flatulence.

Guduchi: This herb is a good natural remedy for digestive disorders. It helps in treating chronic constipation, diarrhea, hyperacidity, flatulence, and abdominal pain. It treats irritable bowel syndrome very effectively.

Shankhpushpi: This herb is useful in improving digestion. It is used to treat digestion disorders especially caused due to stress and anxiety. This herb is used for the treatment of gastric ulcer.

Aloe Vera: This herb has several healing factors. It is also beneficial in treating digestive upsets. It helps in curing the problems in the intestinal tract that cause irritable bowel syndrome. The juice or the gel of this herb can be taken orally to treat digestive disorders.

Holy basil: This herb is said to have anti-inflammatory properties which helps in treating ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome.

Brahmi: This herb is very useful in treating diarrhea which is the main symptom of irritable bowel syndrome.

Ginger: Chewing a small piece of fresh ginger after each meal will help in having proper digestion. Ginger helps in reducing irritable bowel syndrome.

These natural remedies, Ayurveda therapy, proper diet, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, yoga, and meditation are all part of natural holistic treatment done in ayurveda. Each individual is treated based on the age, sex, history, and the type of body. Ayurveda treatments have very minor side effects. However, they are very effective in treating any kind of health disorder.

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