AIDS or HIV Positive

Ayurvedic Treatment for AIDS or HIV Positive

By Shankar

AIDS or HIV Positive is a dreaded disease that so far is incurable although it can be treated. AIDS is the abbreviated form of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. This is a disease that is referred to the defect of the body’s immune system. Syndrome means a group of diseases that cause destruction to a person’s body. AIDS is caused by the virus known as Human Deficiency Virus (HIV).

In Ayurveda, AIDS is associated with ‘Kshaya’ or ‘Ojakshaya’ which means weak or loss of strength. It is caused primarily by the Kapha dosha and also other doshas that result in causing several other diseases.

The symptoms of a person suffering from AIDS are tiredness, fatigue, continuous fever, insomnia, skin problems, loss of appetite, drastic weight loss, digestive disorders and becoming prone to various allergies.

AIDS is a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Person having unprotected sex are prone to get this disease. It can also spread through blood transfusions. HIV cannot be transmitted by touching, through saliva or fluid from the nose. However, people having unprotected intercourse and sharing syringes are at high risk in getting AIDS disease.

Ayurveda therapy is given to the person to treat AIDS. There are several natural plants having antiviral properties that are useful in strengthening the immune system of the body. These plants do not cure AIDS in a day or two. However, regular intake of these plants for long periods of time can show improvement in the treatment of this disease. Plants that are rejuvenators and the ones that have antiviral properties are helpful in treating AIDS disease.

Holy basil: This plant is a good immune booster. Regular intake of one teaspoon of juice extracted from its tender leaves is very beneficial in treating AIDS. This should be taken in the morning on empty stomach. This is a good natural remedy to strengthen the respiratory tract problems that are affected by the virus.

Ashwagandha: This plant is a good immunity booster. It is used as a rejuvenator and strengthens the body. Regular intake of this plant helps in slowing down the process of AIDS disease.

Bael fruit: The fruit that is half ripened is very beneficial in treating AIDS. Dry the pulp of this fruit under the sun and powder it. Take this one teaspoon daily along with a little water after food. This helps in having proper digestion.

Brahmi: This plant helps in improving the immune system. When taken this regularly helps in slowing down the AIDS disease. It strengthens the body and mind.

Garlic: This has antiviral property and is a good rejuvenative for the body. Crush a piece of garlic and add to a cup of milk and boil till it is reduced to quarter cup. Add a little sugar in this and have daily before going to bed.

AIDS or HIV Positive disease can be slowed down and the immune system could be improved with the help of Ayurveda therapy, natural plants, and by doing moderate exercises recommended by an Ayurvedic practitioner.

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Ayurveda to Overcome Anxiety

Ayurveda Helps you to Overcome Anxiety

By Shankar.

Anxiety is a condition of mental disturbances. It makes a person feel unhappy, restlessness, sleepless, and panicky. If these problems have become a part of your daily life, it is time for you to adapt the art of living Ayurveda.

The harmony between Ayurveda and mind, body, and spirit promotes overall health. Mind disorders can affect your body and soul too. If it is not treated on time, it can lead to many other serious health disorders. Popping up anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pills will give temporary relief. Not only that, continuous use of these pills are very harmful for any human body.

The best way is to opt for holistic approach of healing. There can be nothing better than Ayurvedic plants and Ayurveda therapy to give you natural way of healing. The best part is that it has no side effects and it is harmless.

Ayurveda in India believes in the three Ayurveda doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha that balance a human body. Any imbalance in these three doshas can cause many health disorders. If you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, then it is the Vata dosha that needs to be rectified. These things might sound strange to you if you are approaching Ayurvedic treatment for the first time, but do not worry, over time you will understand the whole Ayurvedic concept.

Are you ready for the holistic and natural treatment for your mind, body, and soul? Continue reading to understand some of the important anti-anxiety Ayurvedic plants that will cure your anxiety problems.

Ashwagandha: This herb is one of the most effective in treating mental imbalances. It helps in reducing the stress and strengthens the immune system. It is also used for the treatment of stress-related health disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Turmeric: It is used traditionally for the treatment of any pain relief from muscle pain, joint inflammation, and arthritis. Its calming properties help in curing anxiety and stress. Turmeric is an active ingredient used along with many other natural herbs to cure several ailments.

Chamomile: It is very safe to use for curing anxiety. It has a soothing effect that helps to relax the mind. It reduces stress and promotes good sleep.

Borage juice: Drinking this juice helps in treating anxiety disorders. It is also a tonic that purifies blood.

Peppermint: Anxiety can cause stomach upset. Peppermint helps in curing such problems.

St. John’s Wort: This has anti-anxiety, anti-stress, and anti-depressant properties. It is very effective in treating mental imbalances by promoting good sleep.

Valerian: It relaxes the mind and put you to sleep. It is very effective in treating sleep disturbances.

These Ayurvedic plants work as anti-anxiety medicines that can cure you without any side effects. However, for better safety, consult an Ayurvedic practitioner to make sure of the correct doses you need to take. Simple breathing exercise will also help you to overcome anxiety.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome in a Natural Ayurvedic Way

By Shankar.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the gastrointestinal problem suffered by several people. The symptoms are constant constipation, diarrhea, acidity, flatulence, bloating, and improper expelling of the bowel. Intake of spicy food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and certain drugs can aggravate the digestive problems.

The exact cause for irritable bowel syndrome is yet unknown. However, poor lifestyle and improper diet can bring this digestive disorder. Ayurveda believes that any kind of ailment is triggered due to improper digestion. Stressed life can be another major reason for causing irritable bowel syndrome.

Ayurveda recommends in changing the diet and lifestyle to treat digestion problems. Ayurveda treatment starts by eliminating the toxins from the body and maintaining proper digestion. It helps in strengthening the immunity system. Ayurveda therapy is used on patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Also there are several natural remedies that help in treating this digestive disorder.

Psyllium: This is fibrous which is essential for having proper digestive system. It helps in giving relief from constipation, diarrhea, intestinal problems and irritable bowel syndrome.

Bromelain: It is useful in treating inflammation of the intestines. It acts as digestive enzyme. When this is taken after each meal, it helps in having proper digestion.

Shatavari: This herb is useful in improving the digestive system. It is an effective medicine for treating stomach acid and ulcers. It gives relief from the digestive problems like bloating, reflux, and flatulence.

Guduchi: This herb is a good natural remedy for digestive disorders. It helps in treating chronic constipation, diarrhea, hyperacidity, flatulence, and abdominal pain. It treats irritable bowel syndrome very effectively.

Shankhpushpi: This herb is useful in improving digestion. It is used to treat digestion disorders especially caused due to stress and anxiety. This herb is used for the treatment of gastric ulcer.

Aloe Vera: This herb has several healing factors. It is also beneficial in treating digestive upsets. It helps in curing the problems in the intestinal tract that cause irritable bowel syndrome. The juice or the gel of this herb can be taken orally to treat digestive disorders.

Holy basil: This herb is said to have anti-inflammatory properties which helps in treating ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome.

Brahmi: This herb is very useful in treating diarrhea which is the main symptom of irritable bowel syndrome.

Ginger: Chewing a small piece of fresh ginger after each meal will help in having proper digestion. Ginger helps in reducing irritable bowel syndrome.

These natural remedies, Ayurveda therapy, proper diet, healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, yoga, and meditation are all part of natural holistic treatment done in ayurveda. Each individual is treated based on the age, sex, history, and the type of body. Ayurveda treatments have very minor side effects. However, they are very effective in treating any kind of health disorder.

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