Remedies for Poor Mental Capacity

Poor Mental Capacity

Ayurvedic Remedies for Poor Mental Capacity

By Shankar.

Poor Mental CapacityMany people wish to have better memory, mental focus, and concentration. Some of them suffer from forgetfulness, memory lapses, inability to focus, and unable to concentrate. These symptoms are found in people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This happens in children as well as adults. Some of this may be due to poor mental capacity.

Sometimes loss of memory for a short time can create a big havoc. Some children and adults outperform in their academic career, while others lack these qualities due to poor concentration and poor memory. If you are facing these problems and going downwards in your career, here is some ayurvedic info to help you find out some remedies to tackle your memory problems.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Help Your Mental Capacity

African safari vacationBrahmi: This herb is one of the most effective medicines used in ayurveda for treating all the problems related to brain. School going children are given Brahmi for improving their mental capacity. It is a very useful herb that treats a variety of conditions such as impaired mental capacity, memory problems, attention deficit disorder (ADD), Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Ashwagandha: This herb is used as a brain tonic and it is used widely as a brain-revitaliser. It has a cooling and calming effect on the brain. It enhances the mental activities. This herb is used as one of the key ingredient in herbal brain tonics.

Ginkgo biloba: It helps in improving the blood circulation to the central nervous system. This herb repairs the damage caused to the cells of the brain and other parts of the body. This herb is one of the key ingredients used in many herbal brain tonics. It is also useful in treating amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Gotu kola: This herb is very effective in improving blood circulation to the brain and different parts of the body. It repairs the damage caused to the brain’s cell. This herb is used as a brain tonic that helps in revitalizing the brain. It improves concentration and mental capacity.

Licorice: This herb is a good brain tonic that revitalizes the brain. Licorice helps in treating stress and anxiety. It calms and relaxes the brain. It also increases the blood circulation to the central nervous system. This herb is useful in stimulating mental capacity.

Chamomile: This herb helps in calming stress, anxiety, and tension. It works effectively in treating Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Ginseng: This herb helps in boosting the mood and memory performance. It helps in reducing anxiety and improves the level of concentration.

The above mentioned Ayurvedic info is enough to treat and cure all your brain related problems. Start using these Ayurvedic remedies to perform well in your academic as well as professional career.

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