Ayurveda and Depression

Ayurveda Treatment for Depression

By Twinty Karat

Depression is a state of mind clouded with insecure feelings, sadness, stress, anxiety, tension, worries, and low mood. This kind of change in the mood affects the person physically as well. The depression causes the person to lose interest in everything and that further worsens their mental condition. Ayurveda treatment for depression can reduce the tension and worries and can be very beneficial.

It is a fact that depression occurs in women due to hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, and menopause, and as a sign of pre-menstrual syndrome. Other causes can be due to overuse of certain drugs for treating other diseases, unexpected failure in your academic or professional career, family problems, and the loss of dear ones. Other problems such as bad health and money worries can also be the cause of depression as well as many other things.

Some people have a strong and positive mind and they manage to overcome all the problems that can lead to depression while others find it hard to control their mind and treatment is required for them. Ayurveda treatment for depression is very effective. There are several natural plants that are beneficial in treating depression.

Ashwagandha: This plant is known as the best nervine tonic. It nourishes the nervous system. It is also a good brain tonic that helps in revitalizing the brain. It has the necessary property to improve the mood. It has anti-depressant agents that help in giving relief for depression state of mind very effectively. It also helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and tension.

Brahmi: This plant is an excellent brain tonic. It has certain properties that help in reducing stress, anxiety, tension, and depression very effectively. It soothes the brain and mind and it is a very useful medicine for curing insomnia.

Gingko biloba: It has anti-depressant and anti-oxidant properties that help in improving the blood flow to the brain. It helps in reducing depression effectively.

St. John’s wort: It is a popular plant used for treating stress, anxiety, and depression. It also helps in promoting undisturbed sleep. It calms and relaxes the mind.

Shatavari: This plant is an excellent medicine for treating women’s health problems. It is also very useful in treating stress, anxiety, and depression especially caused due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause and the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

Shankhpushpi: This plant is effectively used in Ayurveda treatment for depression. It helps in stabilizing the balance of the emotions and reduces the condition of the insanity. It also promotes good sleep.

Apart from these natural plants that are used in Ayurveda depression treatment, proper diet, lifestyle, daily exercise, yoga, and meditation are also the part of ayurvedic treatment. If you feel that the problems persist and want the help of an expert, consult an Ayurvedic practitioner immediately before it leads you to other health disorders.

Don’t be like the people we are taking care of in our business of caring for the elderly. Right now we have three people, all women. All three of them are suffering from depression, as well as other problems. All are taking some really strong medicine (drugs) for depression. That’s bad, but the really sad thing is they will likely be taking such powerful drugs the rest of their lives. It’s rare if they ever get off of them.

Those three are not isolated cases and are not ones who have Alzheimer’s disease. In the dozen years or so we have been in the business of caring for the elderly almost all of those we end up taking care of have depression and all who do take one of the strong drugs available for depression and never get off of them. Try to avoid that scenario if at all possible. Ayurveda treatment for depression may be your solution if you have depression problems.

Try to always be happy and never suppress your feelings. Nature itself is a good mood enhancer. Spend some time with nature instead of always working and tiring your brain, mind, and body.

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  1. Wonder ful herbs and ayurvedic medicines are available in ayurveda for depression anxity treatments.Like as bala,jyotismati,and more herbs and ayurvedic medicines.used under the consult of ayurvedic Drs.because under consult of ayurvedic drs dosages and diet .this is much benefited.

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