Cardamom Definition

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Ayurveda Related Term: Cardamom



1. the aromatic seed capsules of a tropical Asian plant, Elettaria cardamomum, of the ginger family, used as a spice or condiment and in medicine.
2. the plant itself.
3. a related plant, Amomum compactum, or its seeds, used as a substitute for true cardamom.

Also, car·da·mon

cardamom , cardamum or cardamon

— n
1. a tropical Asian zingiberaceous plant, Elettaria cardamomum, that has large hairy leaves
2. the seeds of this plant, used esp as a spice or condiment
3. a related East Indian plant, Amomum cardamomum, whose seeds are used as a substitute for cardamom seeds

1350–1400; Middle English (< Middle French ) blend of kárdamon cress and ámōmon a spice plant Source

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