Dental Care with Ayurvedic Remedies

Proper Dental Care with Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies

By Shankar.

Teeth are very precious; no one loves to lose their teeth before their old age so use proper dental care to avoid this problem. If your teeth are not given enough care, then you will have problems like yellow or brown teeth, tooth sensitivity, cavities, bleeding gums, toothaches, bad breath, and pyorrhea.

Toothaches can be very irritating. They can be caused because of infection or cavities. The first and the best advice for dental care are to brush your teeth twice a day – once in the morning and once before going to bed. Much better way to protect your teeth and keep you away from dentist is to brush your teeth after every meal. However, very few people follow this. The most important tip is to use soft brush to brush your teeth.

There are several Ayurvedic herbs that can solve all the dental problems. When these natural herbs are used in proper manner, you will have stronger teeth that can last for longer time. Read the following Ayurvedic remedies to give proper dental care at your home:

Neem: Neem is very effective for dental care. Neem twig is used to brush the teeth instead of normal brush. Brushing with Neem twigs will help you to have strong and wonderful white teeth. Neem oil is applied as an antiseptic against micro-organism and also fights bad breath.

Holy Basil: When you brush your teeth with Holy Basil powder, you will have white shinning teeth. Those who have yellow or brown teeth can benefit by using this powder. The powder can be made by drying the leaves under the sun and then grinding it. This powder also reduces pyorrhea.

Babul: Like neem twigs, the twigs of babul are also used to brush teeth to give you strong and long lasting teeth. Babul contains tannin which is effective in whitening the teeth.

Banyan: The root of Banyan is also used as toothbrush to brush teeth. It contains astringent properties that can whiten the teeth, and keep the teeth and gum healthy.

Clove: Clove has astringent and antiseptic properties that can deal with toothaches. Clove oil gives relief from toothaches and also kills germs in cavities.

Ayurvedic remedies are a great in dental care to help get rid of dental problems. However, it is also important to follow a proper diet. You should reduce the intake of sweet foods, very hot or cold foods, coffee, and tea. Have food that is rich in Vitamin C such as Amla, citrus food, mangoes, papayas, and kiwi fruit.

Brush your teeth with Neem and Babul twigs, which is an Ayurvedic practice to have strong white teeth. Most people fear going to the dentist. However, it is a good practice in dental care to visit a dentist every three to six months to be sure about your healthy gums and teeth.

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Bad Breath Remedies

Bad Breath: try Ayurvedic Home Remedies

By Shankar.

A person with bad breath can irritate others due to foul smell coming from the mouth while talking. If you notice that people are avoiding or putting their hand on their nose while talking to you, then in most cases, it is your bad breath that is responsible.

Having bad breath can cause you to lose your friends. It is important to maintain proper mouth hygiene. If your teeth and tongue are not cleaned properly, bacteria develop in the mouth and causes bad breath. Indigestion, intestinal problems, acidity in the stomach, and lung infection can also cause bad breath.

Other causes for bad breath are sinus problems, infection in the throat, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating raw onion and garlic can cause foul smell in the mouth causing bad breath. If you avoid these things, maintain proper mouth care, and maintain proper digestion, the problem of bad breath can be solved automatically without any medications.

Having bad breath is not a disease. However, if left unnoticed, it can spread infection to teeth, tongue, and kidneys. If you think that bad breath is causing due to constipation, indigestion and acidity, you need to solve this problem first to prevent bad breath.

According to Ayurveda, any ailments including bad breath is caused due to imbalance in the Ayurvedic body types. Ayurvedic treatment starts from correcting the imbalances of the doshas. A person should follow the guidelines of Ayurvedic treatment for proper healthcare.

The treatment for each person depends on his or her Ayurvedic body types. Ayurveda suggests maintaining proper oral hygiene. You should brush your teeth twice daily preferably with herbal toothpaste. Brushing your teeth with neem or babul twigs will not only help in cleaning your teeth but also strengthens the teeth as well as gums. It also prevents tooth decay. There are some Ayurvedic remedies to solve the problem of bad breath.

Cardamom: Chew one or two cardamom seeds after every meal especially if you have had onion or garlic that brings bad breath. Chewing cardamom seeds will give you fresh breath with aroma.

Cloves: Chewing this also prevents bad breath. It also takes care of toothaches and decay.

Fennel: Fennel seeds can be chewed for getting rid of foul smell of any meal you have had.

Mint: This is very effective in taking care of bad breath. The best way is to chew some mint leaves after each meal. You can also use mint as mouthwash to prevent bad breath.

These are normal home remedies that will solve the problem of bad breath. You can carry these things with you anywhere you go. These are the safest and natural ways in preventing bad breath.

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