Prevent Premature Graying

Prevent Premature Graying of Hair in an Ayurvedic Way

By Shankar.

Graying of hair is the natural process that occurs with advancing age, but it can also at a younger age possibly because of heredity. Graying of hair is caused due to the reduced melanin that produces hair color. However, premature graying of hair is a condition of gray hair found in young people. Unhealthy diet and lifestyle, stress, anxiety, tension, deficiency of Vitamin B12 and other required nutrition are the cause for premature aging. Smoking excessively and drinking alcohol are the major cause for premature graying.

Premature graying can make a person look older than he or she actually is. It spoils the look and personality of the person. Premature graying can lead the person to lose confidence. It can be very bad experience for a teenager with gray hair.

Ayurveda believes that an imbalance in Pitta dosha is responsible for premature graying of hair. It also believes that prevention is the best treatment and solution. However, you should learn the art of living Ayurveda for treating any kind of ailments with natural Ayurvedic treatments.

Amla: This herb is the best and the topmost among other herbs that are beneficial in preventing and curing premature graying of hair. This herb is used as a hair tonic that darkens the color of the hair and also nourishes it. You can boil the dried pieces of the amla in coconut oil and apply it on your scalp and hair. This home remedy is very beneficial in treating premature graying. You can also soak the dried amla pieces in water overnight and wash your hair with this water the next day. You can mix amla juice with coconut oil or almond oil and massage the scalp to prevent premature graying of hair.

Curry leaves: Eating curry leaves daily is an effective remedy to prevent premature graying of hair. You can also boil some of the leaves in coconut oil and massage your scalp and hair to strengthen the hair roots and promote hair growth.

Henna: This herb is used as the natural dye that provides color to your hair naturally. Boil some leaves of henna in coconut oil and apply this on your hair. On regular use, the color of your hair will start becoming darker and darker.

Coconut oil: Regular use of coconut oil will help in preventing premature graying of hair. Apply coconut oil on your scalp and massage gently to increase the blood circulation. This remedy not only prevents premature graying but also reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth. When you use it regularly, your hair becomes darker in color and looks beautiful and shining.

Choose the art of living Ayurveda to prevent premature graying and hair fall. If these are not prevented, you will start looking old before the old age appears. Also do regular exercise, yoga, and meditation which also mean the art of living Ayurveda. This way of living not only helps in preventing premature graying of hair but also takes care other health disorders.

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