Control Cholesterol Level

Control Cholesterol Level with Ayurvedic Herbs

By Shankar.

High level of cholesterol can cause several cardio-vascular diseases that can lead a person to death. Every year, the number of death caused due to cardio-vascular diseases is increasing. A person with poor lifestyle and lack of exercise ends up with high level of cholesterol. They need to reduce and control cholesterol level in their bodies.

Bad cholesterol is found in fatty foods, non-vegetarian food like meat, eggs, and dairy products like butter and cheese. Vegetarians also suffer from high cholesterol and heart failure. Bakery food contains saturated oil, margarine, and fats which cause bad cholesterol.

People with poor lifestyle have preserved and fast food that is low in nutrition. They have food that is too spicy and oily. When these types of foods are taken for a long period, too much bad cholesterol gets accumulated in the body. And with lack of exercise, the level of bad cholesterol increases, leading to cardiovascular diseases.

A proper diet and regular exercises are very important to escape being an easy victim to cardio-vascular diseases. The following Ayurvedic herbs will help to reduce and prevent bad cholesterol. Generally they can control cholesterol levels.

Arjuna: Arjuna is a plant used as medicine for several health disorders. This herb is widely used in Ayurveda. It cures heart problems. Arjuna bark is beneficial for the heart. Arjuna bark’s powdered form is very effective in treating coronary heart diseases. This herb is useful in treatment as well as preventing cardio-vascular diseases. It helps to prevent heart attacks.

Alfalfa: The cholesterol that gets congested in the arteries can be treated with the use of Alfalfa. This herb is very useful in treating the arteries problems.

Holy Basil: With the use of holy basil, the accumulated cholesterol in the arteries gets dissolved into the bloodstream and further goes to the kidneys and gets eliminated.

Guggulu: This herb is very popular and effective in treating heart problems that is caused by cholesterol. When this is taken regularly, it reduces the level of cholesterol.

Garlic: Garlic is easily available. It has a great medicinal value in fighting cholesterol. Intake of fresh and raw garlic along with your meal can reduce the bad cholesterol to an extent. Regular intake of garlic will keep the level of cholesterol under control.

Coriander: Coriander helps the kidneys to function better. The kidney excretes the excess cholesterol from the body.

Fenugreek: It has been found that fenugreek help to reduce the level of cholesterol.

In the long run, Ayurvedic herbs are better than conventional medicines to control cholesterol levels. When conventional medicines are taken for long period, there can be several side effects that can be very harmful to the health. Though Ayurvedic herbs do not have many side effects as conventional medicines, these natural herbs may not be suitable for every person. It is important to consult a doctor before you start your treatment to Control Cholesterol Level with Ayurvedic herbs.

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