Ayurveda Tips Treat Belching

Ayurvedic Tips to Treat Belching

By Shankar.

Belching means releasing gas from the stomach through the mouth. This happens when a person swallows air while eating food. This gulped air is brought out due to the discomfort in the stomach that causes you to belch. When the air in the stomach is belched out, it gives relief to the stomach.

Sometimes belching is caused due to Acid Reflux or Gastro- Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). When this acid from the stomach comes up to the esophagus, it causes burning sensation in that area. Belching can be prevented by proper care and with the help of Ayurvedic remedies.

  • You should eat slowly and chew the food well before swallowing.
  • You should eat small quantity of meals five to six times instead of eating three large meals.
  • You should drink plenty of water daily.
  • You should restrict drinking carbonated and alcoholic drinks.
  • You should avoid chewing gum.
  • You should eat and sleep on time.
  • You should avoid smoking and other tobacco products.
  • You should not wear tight fitting clothes.
  • You should do exercise daily.
  • You should maintain normal weight of your body.
  • You should do yoga and meditation to maintain the balance of your mind.

Following an Ayurvedic diet is necessary to treat any kind of ailments especially for proper digestion. Improper digestion cannot only cause belching and flatulence but also several serious health disorders. Ayurvedic diet recommends avoiding the intake of certain foods like tea, coffee, dairy products, and chocolates. You should also avoid intake of certain vegetables like cabbage and onions. Whole grain and sprouts can also cause belching. You should avoid these foods when you have discomfort in the stomach.

Bishop’s seed: Use the combination of bishop’s seed, dry ginger, and black salt and grind these to powder. Then, have 1 teaspoon of the powder, mixed in a glass of water, daily. This remedy will take care of belching. You can also use bishop’s seed, lemon juice, and dry ginger to get relief from gastric problems.

Asafetida: Include asafetida to flavor you dishes which will also take care of your gastric troubles. If you are having abdominal pain, make a paste using asafetida and water and apply it on the stomach.

Ginger: Chew and eat a small piece of fresh ginger after each meal to prevent gastric problems in your stomach. You can also have a drink prepared with dry ginger, a pinch of black salt and asafetida to tackle the problem of gas in the stomach.

You can prevent gas forming in the stomach and belching by following an Ayurvedic diet and natural home remedies. These have no side effects and can be used safely.

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