Ayurveda Heartburn Cure

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Get Cured from Heartburn with Ayurvedic Herbs and Remedies

By Shankar.

Heartburn is caused when the acid of the stomach refluxes to the food pipe (esophagus). When this happens, it causes a burning sensation in the throat and chest. When the acid refluxes to the food pipe, it damages the lining of the food pipe.

That causes the burning sensation. This is termed as ‘acid reflux’. An Ayurveda heartburn cure is an alternative way of treating heartburn. Acid reflux can be caused due to lack of sleep, going to sleep just after having food, and overeating.

Acid reflux can also cause without burning sensation. In such a situation, it can cause pain in the chest, sore throat, breathing problems, sour or bitter taste in the mouth, and bad breath. When left untreated, it can cause ulcer in the food pipe and stomach.

Over A Dozen Reasons Why You Might Get Heartburn

The causes of heartburn can be due to the following reasons;

  • Indigestion
  • Overeating
  • Taking large meals frequently
  • Eating fast without chewing properly
  • Excessive intake of spicy food
  • Eating preserved or fast foods
  • Smoking and intake of alcohol
  • Excess body weight
  • Untimely intake of food
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Intake of many pain killers
  • Hormone imbalance especially during pregnancy

Some people can have heart burn very frequently because of their lifestyle.

The following are Ayurvedic herbs that can cure heart burn.

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Ayurvedic Herbs that can Ease or Cure Heartburn Heartburn

Amla: Intake of amla can take care of stomach disorder, which can cause heartburn.

Basil: It is a good remedy to get relief from burning sensation in the heart. The leaves of the basil can be chewed to take care of gastric problems. Basil is a good

Aniseed: Boil one glass of water by adding one teaspoon of aniseed. Have this water every morning for about a week. This will give relief to heartburn.

Asafetida: It can be added to cooking. Add a pinch of asafetida in a glass of warm water and have it daily in the morning to prevent acidity.

Harad: This Ayurvedic herb is taken after every meal to prevent acidity.

Caraway seeds: These are eaten to get relief from acidity.

Mint: Intake of mint juice after each meal can give relief to acidity problem.

Coconut: Coconut water is very effective to reduce acidity.


The above mentioned Ayurvedic remedies can reduce acidity. It is best to have small meals, giving equal gaps between each meal.

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Ayurveda Heartburn Cure

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